Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, Gudrun Buchhofer, is a dedicated student of the genuine and authentic Natural Trim based on research on wild mustangs of the U.S. Great Basin. In search for answers to her own questions arising from trimming, Gudrun is sure to have made a ground breaking observation as a result of her fourteen year-long studies with her full-time barefoot trimming practice in the wet climate of Nova Scotia, Canada. In the end, it was a type of meticulous attention to detail that let her arrive at an amazing yet simple discovery. This most likely will explain problems with most all foals and ultimately all horses worldwide except those living in a biome natural to the species. Hoof, Body & Soul will be released in three parts. In part one, Gudrun examined the causes of many of the pains and problems she came across all too frequently in her work as a natural trimmer. In part two (this book) Gudrun provides specific field studies -- her own -- on foals. She further discusses her observations about various body problems and, finally, about bruises. Part II is loaded with about 270 color photos!

Hoof, Body and Soul