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Light-grade supplement for horses

Magnesium is essential for brain and nerve function. It is also vital for hair and horn growth. Many pastures are deficient in magnesium so supplementation is often necessary. Magnesium oxide provides a readily absorbable source of magnesium that can also help neutralise excess stomach acid.

Magnesium supplementation is often used to help calm horses who suffer from anxiety and nervousness. It is also thought to be helpful for horses with poor quality hoof growth and is often recommended for horses exhibiting low-grade foot pain due to poor metabolic function.


Magnesium Oxide 400g

VAT Included
  • This product contains 99% light magnesium oxide powder. Low iron content (max 0.03%).

    Although light grades of magnesium oxide can have the disadvantage of being less dense and dustier to use, it is generally accepted that they are easier to digest than heavy grades due to their small particle size.

  • Split between as many feeds as your horse has daily. Mix in well. Feed the loading amount for 2 weeks and reduce to maintenance if possible. Stop feeding if any adverse reaction is shown.

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