RHEVA Medical Band-Aid is a PATENTED and PATTERNED PROTECTED product.Manufactured by Cenova AB in Mjölby. The tape / adhesive comes from Stokvis Tapes in Norrköping. All material used in product is medically classed.RHEVA is a Swedish innovation founded by the young Sofie Westberg.


Sticks to & stays on fur.

Protects from insects & risks of infection.

Provides an optimal healing environment.

Withstand moisture.

The materials used in the product – plastic and adhesive – are medically classified.


It all started when Sofies horse got an injury on the knee on one of his front legs. It was not possible for the veterinarian to stitch the wound and he gave Sofie the advice ”to solve the problem”. And so she did! 

By cutting a piece of net from a fly hood, placing it over the wound and getting the net to stick with elastic tape, the idea to RHEVA was born. A few years later Sofie started her own business and with help from her family the production of RHEVA medical band-aid was up and running.

RHEVA has now been on the market for some years in Sweden and has gained good verdicts from users, both veterinarians, professional horse businesses and private horse owners.


We all want our animals to heal wounds in a gentle way and we also want to worry less about taking care of open wounds. RHEVA can be the solution to this with its new unique way of taking care of wounds. It is also ideal for protecting surgical stitches the first critical days.

On some parts of the horse it can be quite difficult to make RHEVA fasten properly because there is a lot of movement under the fur. For example where there is a large muscle or a joint under, like on the neck, legs and hock.

On these areas it can be necessary to complete RHEVA with the Extra-attachment to make sure t stay properly in place. You can also use sport tape or elastic bandages around the RHEVA.

Before using RHEVA we recommend you to carefully read the instructions.

Rheva Plaster Small, Large, Mixed Pack and Snögg Cohesive Plaster

  • Read this before using RHEVA


    1. Clean the wound area carefully with clean water or saline solution. If the wound is heavily infected contact a veterinarian.


    2. Make sure the area where the band-aid is going to stick is properly clean and dry. A clean and dry surface is vital to get the band-aid to fasten, no matter if you use the Extra-Attachment or not.Fat and substances from styling sprays, conditioners, insect repellents etc can be removed with fat soluble wipes. Dry the area thoroughly after cleaning with a clean cloth.We also recommend using a clothes roller/brush or duck tape on the fur to get rid of loose hair, small pieces of dirt and other filth that doesn’t meet the eye.


    3. Avoid touching the area around the wound where the band-aid is going to stick, the glue instantly sticks to the fur. When the band-aid is in place, press with your fingers carefully on the tape-area for a minute. This helps the glue to attach even better. Full attachment comes after a couple of hours, therefore we recommend keeping the horse still and calm for some time after fastening your RHEVA.

    4. Remove the RHEVA by pulling carefully in the direction of the fur.