Why we like Arena 2 lighting...Wow, these lights are fabulous and practical, very affordable too. We have found them reliable and incredibly effective with easy and simple Installation.   The remote control is handy, we love the fact that good outdoor lighting is now readily available, they are brilliant, and come with an impressive 2 year guarantee & FREE SHIPPING!


Designed for Professional users needing bright, off grid flood lighting without the hassle of wires and electritions. 

  • Amazing light coverage for horse areas. 
  • Each light illuminates 200 square meters, with a 20m light spread
  • Easy to install yourself (no need for an electrician)
  • No running cost (solar powered)
  • Very reliable, even during the winter
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 20+ life span of solar cells and up to 5 years for the integral battery (easily replaced)
  • Up to 12 hours of illumination at 500 lumens, or 6 hours of illumination at 1000 lumens.  
  • Lights can turn on automatically when it gets dark, can be turned on and off with the remote (like a light switch), or can be on a motion detection setting.  
  • Each light comes with everything you need, to attach it to your pole/wall/fence of choice. 
  • Simple instructions, to help you quickly and easily install. 
  • 1 x Light1 x rechargeable batteryAll fixings and U-bolt1 x glow in the dark remote control (requires 2 x AAA batteries - not included)y install the lights (no electrician required!)


Menages, Paddocks, Yards, Car Parks & More


Recommended lights for riding arenas:

20m x 40m Arena

Arena 6 Lights for Flatwork

8 Lights for Jumping

30m x 50m Arena

10 Lights for Flatwork

12 Lights for Jumping

40m x 60m Arena

14 Lights for Flatwork

16 Lights for Jumping






Solar Arena 2 Lights, Premium Paddock Lights

VAT Included