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The FRA Bar & Sole U Form Hoof Rasp easily removes excess bar and sole in a very simple way. Lightweight and really easy to use.

  • RED = COARSE BLADES for removing more
  • YELLOW = FINE BLADES for removing less / a smoother finish

The FRA Bar & Sole Hoof Rasp's features are as follows - Please see the additional images!

  • A 'U' shaped rasping tool with curved 'knife teeth' for cleaning / trimming bars and sole
  • Easily removes exfoliating hoof sole and bar.
  • The bar & sole rasp provides you with an additional means of cleaning out decayed horn to promote optimal hoof health.
  • The U shape allows you to clean both the broader arc of the sole and the tighter curves near the bars and heels.
  • Easy to use

Please note - the Bar & Sole Rasp should only ever be used by an experienced barefoot trimmer or farrier. As only exfoliated sole and bars should ever be removed NOT healthy connected sole or bars.

The FRA Bar & Sole U Form Hoof Rasp

VAT Included
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