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We are extremely passionate about Horse's FEET and their Health. Our aim is to provide a service to our best ability and support people with their horses and their horse's hooves.


We created a vast and bespoke online shop to do just this. 

Our online store holds bespoke professional Horse and health Products, Hoof Care Products, Novelties and gifts. 

We offer a personal service where any question will be answered to the best of our ability.  Send Emma and message or email and she will endeavour to help you. 

Horse owners are becoming more aware and educated about keeping horses in a more natural environment that benefits the horse, they give so much to us and they teach us so much, if we listen.

Horses are individuals, and unless we understand the individual, we cannot expect the individual to understand us.”

Emma has come from many years study (and is still always learning! ). She has worked really hard and earned her Certified Credentials as a Professional Barefoot Trimmer and Mentorship with Liberated Horsemanship and is also certified in alternative therapies in the arts of Healing, Equine Iridology, Herbalism, Permaculture studies , Human Massage, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and is also a Reiki Master. 


Having studied under various trimming schools and observing the different philosophies and methodologies. Her strong influences have been from Jamie Jackson's teachings, Bruce Nock Of Liberated Horsemanship, Nick Hill mentored Emma in Bulgaria with Ralitsa Grancharova, DVM, MRCVS who is an equine vet, barefoot trimmer and acupuncturist, Pete Ramey, KC LaPierre USA, Maureen Tierney, Equine Podiatry UK, including familiasitation of Nic Barker's approach at Rockley Farm. 

In addition, when Emma was riding in Mongolia for the Gobi Gallop 2019 (The longest annual charity horseback ride in the world), She studied the hooves of the Mongolian horses by living alongside the Mongolian herdsmen.  Emma believes this has gained her a solid rounded approach to Horse Health and Hoof Care Management.

Over the years we have developed Angel Fields, this is our home where we keep our horses Organically and Naturally. We run a small Hoof Care On line Emporium for horses and their humans, this is under the care and ownership of Emma Bailey at Barefoot Holistic Hoofcare; Certified Practitioner and Mentor with Liberated Horsemanship.

We are humble and work hard for the horse's welfare. This service can be requested personally to Emma. We have been seeking out more natural alternatives for our horses. We have established ORGANIC REWILDING projects on our own land, allowing all of our herd of horses to live FREE, following leaders in this movement such as Isabella Tree at her rewinding project Knepp Wildland UK.   This has excited us and helped us develop more into doing things the way nature intended, working on behalf of the horse and trying to earn a living from something that we love.  

Emma assists with the Trimming and Hoof Care at Liane and Andy's at their Natural Boarding / Retirement and Rehabilitation Retreat of Three Ravens. Working with the individual horses and their individual needs, they work hard to improve their Horses General Health, Hoof Health and Soundness, looking at each horse holistically and emotionally. Liane and Andy are proud of their achievements; and so they should be. There is a waiting list for anyone wishing to have their horse attend.

We are so delighted with our approach and the products chosen for our small online shop, that they have done an excellent job in marketing themselves. We have recommendations from horse owners and hoof care networks all around the UK, Europe, USA and now Australia.  We are the only stockist of HOOFARMOR in the UK, working closely with David and Brenda Jones.

LOVE, CARE, DEDICATION, WORD OF MOUTH , COMMUNICATION and EFFICIENCY is our marketing strategy, we love horses.

We LISTEN to our customers— they drive us to select and develop and expand further products.  We have have tried and tested the trimming tools on sale and they come with very high professional standards, being demonstrated and put to work by us and and other professional colleagues and clients.

We have a strong foundation with a team of professional people working alongside us.  


Emma absolutely loves helping horses and their owners in figuring out the unique puzzle to their horse's lameness and achieving soundness. This may be minimising their Toxic Load, looking at Gut Biome, Stress, Diet , Environment, Biomechanics, their Feet and the Trim, but always working closely with Veterinarians, Nutritionists and Professional Body Workers. She has recovered horses with Laminitis / Founder / Navicular stresses and grows strong bonds with the community involved.

It is our ABSOLUTE PASSION to empower our customers and their HORSES and educate the horse community to sound horses by improving their Feet, Health and well being.  

Online Horse and Hoof Care Store, Horse & Hoof Care Rehabilitation.

For any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us:

We are always happy to help.

“For and on behalf of horses”

Emma & Richard Bailey