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"I have endeavoured to make the application and practicality of Hoof Armor as simple as possible for anyone who wants or needs it. That includes horseshoeing farriers and barefoot trimmers, of course, but it also includes veterinarians, zoo keepers and horse owners themselves. Anyone who is involved with hoof care of ungulates…hooved animals…will find Hoof Armor a useful, often indispensable tool in their toolbox. Hoof Armor is for anyone who wants to protect animal hooves or feet against wear and abrasion, but wants a product that is more flexible than the foot and will not restrict natural expansion. Hoof Armor is for anyone who wants to either treat infections in the feet or prevent pathogens from infecting the feet. Hoof Armor is for anyone who is concerned about products having harmful or toxic ingredients.

The Hoof Armor application process has been simplified to the point that anyone can quickly and easily apply a protective coating that can last as long as six weeks or 100 miles, whichever comes first…and sometimes longer or further. Hoof Armor is supplied in kits that prevent a user from having to reorder missing components, along with instructions, forums and various how-to videos. The Hoof Armor application process is designed to be adaptable to many different scenarios and conditions. A Hoof Armor coating is one-size-fits-all so there is no guesswork involved. Hoof Armor has been used by anyone and everyone who attends to hooves, so it has become simpler, easier, quicker and more effective with the help of all the people who have contributed to its success."


Thank you all..David and Brenda Jones HOOFARMOR U.S.A 

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