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UK stockist of Hoofarmor & to support today's equine community with cutting edge, natural products and trimming techniques


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                                                       Tera &  Jazz                                                                               (Morgan) 

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We supply Hoof Amor

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Specialising in Whole Health & Hoof Care. Allow us to help your horse to a healthy metal free life.

Hoofmanship for us is the combination of solid natural Hoofcare and the assistance to understand and take care of the Equine body, using the very needs and language the horse understands.  Emma has dedicated herself in Barefoot Holistic Hoofcare. You can find her website here:


USA HoofArmor

Hoof Armor hoof protection is an easily applied adhesive coating that hoof care professionals and horse owners alike can utilise to protect their barefoot horse’s hooves against abrasion and wear.

Just because your horse takes a misstep every so often, doesn’t mean that he is lame or generally tender over rocks. He’s just saying,” Ouch that was a sharp one,” and avoids stepping on something that could damage his hoof. Now that your horse can feel his feet, it is most natural for him to protect them by not putting all his weight on something sharp. Make sense? Horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot may show an immediate improvement in stone sensitivity, but may also take two or three Hoof Armor applications (trim cycles) to develop their best stone protection depending on the starting condition of the hoof.





Conwy, UK


Emma Bailey- Barefoot Holistic Hoofcare

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