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New Flex Hoof Boots – Sold Individually


Flex Hoof Boots are available in 15 sizes suitable from miniature ponies to horses. FlexPony

boots are sizes 80-105, and FlexHorse boots are sizes 110-150.


Flex Boots are flexible, durable and easy to use hoof boots that are ideal for all equestrian

activities including trail riding, schooling, jumping and driving. They function similarly to human

barefoot shoes, providing the horse flexible, effective support whilst allowing the hoof to

function in the correct way without restrictions or any discomfort for the horse. Flex Boots are

ideal for first time users and seasoned barefoot horses.

Let your horse feel the difference:

Superior sole design with correct break over point supports healthy hoof function on

every step your horse takes

Exceptional traction on all surfaces and suitable for all disciplines.

Smart fastening system allows for adjustments to give your horse an ideal, comfortable fit

without rubbing.

No Velcro or cables that can easily break or get dirty.

Flex Boots are incredibly easy and quick to put on and take off. Even kids can do it!

Amazing drainage and easy to clean.

Designed to support a holistic approach to hoof and horse care.

So comfortable, they can be used for 24/7 turnout too!


Thanks to the careful design and advanced technology used to make these boots, they are

suitable for use in any weather and terrain; with great drainage and water-repellent materials,

you can use them in snow, mud, very dry conditions and anywhere in between. The all-terrain

sole gives superb grip, and the boots have pre-drilled holes that allow for easy application of

ice studs if this is required.


Flex Pads can be used in the boots to offer additional cushioning and protection for horses that

need this, for example if they have thin soles or are recovering from laminitis.

Flex Boots are designed with the horse’s welfare as the main priority. This is why they work so

well and are fast becoming the most popular hoof boot all around the world. Flex Boots work

best when hooves are maintained in their anatomically correct shape with frequent

maintenance trims. Since the boot sole is essentially a cushioned air pad, long toes, high walls

or sharp edges can damage the product.


Flex Hoof Boots are available in 15 sizes, from miniature ponies to horses. They are sold

individually; to purchase a pair, add two boots to your basket.

Each boot is supplied as a complete set that includes the boot shell with rivets, a TPU gaiter,

neoprene gaiter and a back strap.


Check Flex Hoof Boots WEBSITE for sizing and Information


Each boot is supplied as a complete set that includes the boot shell with rivets, a TPU gaiter,

neoprene gaiter and a back strap.


 Coloured Gailters and straps sold separately



Before placing an order:

  • trim the hooves
  • measure hooves carefully
  • check the right size from the size chart
  • if you hesitate between two sizes: take photo with measuring tape and send it to the manufacturer by email:
  • FlexHorse boots work fine even if they are a little bit loose or snug. So ask for help if needed.

Flex Boots fit hooves that are +/- 5mm of t




Flex Hoof Boots are available in 15 sizes suitable from miniature ponies to horses. FlexPony

boots are sizes 80-105, and FlexHorse boots are sizes 110-150.


Hoof measurements should be taken after a fresh trim.

FlexBoots fit a variety of different hoof shapes provided the hoof is maintained in its anatomically

correct shape. This generally means small maintenance trims at 1-2 week intervals. Flex Boots

recommend that the owner should learn how to maintain their horse’s feet between

professional visits. By doing so, you can ensure that the horse moves comfortably at all times

with correct and well-functioning hooves, and your horse can enjoy these barefoot shoes of the

horse world for as long as possible. Flex Boots have created an online course to teach owners

how to carry out the maintenance trim, details can be found here:





Flex Hoof Boots (Black) Sold Individually

VAT Included
  • Warranty

    We offer a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship for the products we manufacture. Normal or excessive wear of the product is not covered by the warranty.

    Excessive wear on one part of the boot is normally caused by an imbalance in the horse’sbody or hooves, so keep this in mind when you start using Flex Boots. For example, if a horse wears the toe of the boots faster than other parts of it, this is usually due to issues withthe horse’s neck/shoulders or pelvic/hind knee area, or the lack of proper trim. Just one centimetre of excess hoof wall length on toe area can cause excessive wear of the soft barefoot boots. Therefore, a weekly maintenance trim is important for making your Flex Boots last as long as possible.

    The warranty does not cover a product that has been damaged as a result of misuse or intentional damage, such as when a horse steps over the boots and the boots get damaged, rivets become loose, the gaiter’s rubber band breaks, marks that have been caused by ice or grass studs, or the horse has otherwise damaged the boots, or the user instructions are not followed when using the boots. The warranty does not cover the breakage of the boots caused by hooves that have not been trimmed correctly, or that are not trimmed often enough.

    If your horse has a tendency to over-reach, you may want to use bell boots over the boots to protect the boots from potential damage.

    We do not guarantee any fitting service conducted by any third party.

    If you are requesting for boots to be replaced under the warranty, please contact your dealer and send them the following:

    • Photos of the damaged product

    • Photos of your horse’s hooves, taken before and after the trim. You need to send

      photos of the sole view and side view of all the hooves that had boots on.

    • Side view photo of your horse.

    • Photo or a copy of your purchase receipt.

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