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Would you like the satisfaction of using our Flex Fit Kit Hire Service -


Firstly, you can call us and discuss your hoof boot needs and sizing - Emma 07449 534432 or email


This  Flex Boot Fit Kit has been designed to help you decide the best size fit of Flex Hoof 

Boot for your horse. 

The Flex Hoof Boot is Lightweight and a very simple hoof boot to use.


Our price charged is a DEPOSIT is ONLY £40 and that is for 3 BOOT SHELLS of 3 Sizes. You will be refunded £20 (the price charged £40 less £20 admin fee)


You have a choice of 6  Flex Hoof Boot Shells to get the perfect fit, it is best that you measure your horse's feet first and estimate where they will be on the fit chart below, you then choose the fit.   Choose a boot size down smaller and a boot size that shoul be the perfect fit and the one larger.  Your measurements will determine which size fit kit you need.

For example, if your horse’s hoof measurements call for a size 90 : order a size 100, order a size 90 and 110 in Flex Fit Kit  Shells.


  • The price charged is a DEPOSIT for 3 X BOOT SHELLS from the Flex Fit Kit
  • When the boots are returned within 7 days of receipt (clean and dry with no items missing, dirty or broken). You will be refunded £20 (the price charged £40 less £20 administration fee). Please note an additional £10 will be deducted for every late week thereafter.                                                             &n