Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution (150ml)


Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Solution provides an intense antibacterial and fungicidal formula with antiseptic properties. THE HOOF SOLUTION is made of natural products. Its preparation was particularly time-consuming, complex and laborious, as a result of which it dropped out of the folk tradition for some 150 years. After in-depth joint study by veterinarians and farriers, KEVIN BACON'S HOOF SOLUTION is back on the shelf.


Hoof Solution is formulated from natural products and is supplied with a brush inside the container for easy, mess-free application.


Application: Wear latex gloves. 'Stipple' solution into the clefts of the frog, old nail holes, any splits and cracks and areas of concern.


Apply daily for first week and once a week thereafter. 


Ingredients:Copper salt, water, glucose, fructose, acetic acid
KEVIN BACON'S HOOF SOLUTION is easy to use and quick acting. Regular applications of KEVIN BACON'S HOOF SOLUTION will keep your horse's feet clean and sound.

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution (150ml)