Sweet Oil

Horse skin moisturiser

Sweet Oil is a soothing horse skin moisturiser that relieves irritation and helps horses stay itch free during mild months.

With soothing sweet almond oil, antiseptic myrtle oil and Saltidin, Sweet Oil offers all-day moisturisation to help horses resist the urge to rub, and to support the natural regrowth of hair.

Rub the oil well into the crest, tailhead and other areas prone to dry, irritated skin.

Sweet Oil

  • The ingredients in Sweet Oil have been chosen to help your horse stay comfortable.

    Sweet almond oil-A soothing, moisturising oil that helps balance moisture uptake and loss.

    Saltidin (10%)-A state-of-the-art synthetic compound used to soothe, moisturise and reduce irritation.

    Bog myrtle oil-A sweet-smelling oil that soothes and comforts dry skin.

  • Shake before each use. Spot check on a small area of skin before use and do not use if a reaction is shown. Rub well into base of mane, tailhead and other exposed areas of skin. Re-apply as required.


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