At £124.99 + VAT ,these Spring powered, easy-grip hoof nippers designed especially for barefoot trimming

We call them "Quick" because they greatly speed your trimming by doing work you would normally do with a rasp!


-Powerful integrated springs for fast one- or two-hand use
-Unique flared handles for easy grip and greater leverage
-Closure screw for easy storage
-Fast cutting, easy to sharpen blades
-Ideal for bevel cut on wall to create Mustang Roll

-Soft Action springs included 


Designed for one and two-hand use. Ideal for forming the Mustang Roll.

These nippers will change the way you trim: 
Easily make multiple bevel cuts to form the arc of the roll--
this reduces rasping AND preserves sole horn to minimize hoof sensitivity!




The EVO Quick Nippers -12 inch Spring Powered, Flare-handle

VAT Included